Hi, I’m Pam

What to say about me? It’s not easy describing yourself, so I’ll list my good points (in no particular order!):

innovative, artistic, designer, love to laugh,
creative, home-lover, renovator, reader,
singer….badly, sports-lover, friendly

Now, my bad points……………………………..no, you don’t want to know those!

All that matters is I’d love you to join our Club and be part of our life (that’s my friendly bit coming out).

Know that all our products are chosen because of how they are designed, created and the colours that they come in. They have to look good and work well.

Your home is you. It’s the one place you can be your total self. Even in your daily lives; eating, drinking, entertaining, working, living – use products that give you pleasure.

I hope you enjoy the individuality of the products we offer.

And, remember, as I carefully package the gorgeous products you’ve purchased, I will be singing joyfully (and badly), knowing how happy you will be.