You’d be right in thinking there are so many homewares products in the market today, that it’s easy to get totally confused.

We here, at SSH, hope we can help make the choices much easier for you.

As we specialise mainly in tableware, dinnerware and small home accessories, we can offer you products that complement each other and create that WOW! factor at your table and beyond.

Our tableware packages and gift packages are truly unique and let you be the queen (or king) of  table settings and, also, the gift goddess (or god) of the world!

We love colour, we love design, we love originality (and a little bit of quirkiness tossed in). This reflects in all our product selections.

In today’s world, where everything is such a rollercoaster, it’s comforting to know that, at least, at home, your daily routines are full of style, beauty and enjoyment.

And, also importantly, when giving gifts, you are enabling others to experience their own lovely, and safe, home environment, whether they are homeowners or renting.